PS3 Access Hulu/Netflix Tutorial: DEX Version

Access Services Hulu/Netflix etc without blocking anything!

Read the title folks this is quite handy for the netflix/hulu users out there who have been banned from the PSN

This will cause anything related to the PSN from logging in to creating an account to browsing the store and even the whats new section to simply return a DNS error 80710104

This also Bypasses all game update checks too!!!!

1. Must Start on DEX Convert it using the guides for rebug CFW..
2. In rebug toolbox under selector section set the following

Mode: rebug
XMB operation mode: Debug

Debug Menu: DEX
3. Go to debug Settings
4. Find the setting Update Server URL and change to anything (I used www.****
5. Find the NP environment setting under Debug Settingsx
6. change NP environment to a blank/invalid entry
7. Restart
8. try to sign in to make sure you are blocking PSN access

The Following is optional
9. using the rebug toolbox revert back to CEX
10. Follow the on screen instructions to reboot (if it dosent just do so)
11. try signing in. you should be greated with the same DNS error as when on DEX with an invalid NP.
12. enjoy your CEX machine with a PSN bypass.

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