PS3 HDD Utility (Beta) Released

Today developer Nullptr has released a new lightweight PC application that all you to backup, decrypt your PS3 HDD. This tool features support for slim Playstation 3s. Check out the features and the download link provided below.

Quote (Nullptr):
Hello everyone!

Here is a lightweight utility for your PS3 HDD raw backup, decryption needs, and other features. Right now it only supports slim PS3s.

It's written from scratch except for some ported code form naehrwert's PoC. If you have any feed back, please put it here.

Beta Version:
Dumping raw images from external disks.
Image decryption is done in chunks to save memory.
Extracting file block tool. Allows user to dump specified parts of a file.

I'm not responsible in ANYWAY for what is done with this app.
This tool is only for testing. It's not a one-app-solution to recovering data from PS3 HDD yet.
Decryption for NAND will be added later.
If you want to mount GameOS or do on-the-fly enc/dec, linux offers that in it's "device mapper". (I didn't test it and know nothing about it except its name)
Connecting via eSATA is much faster. Speed is affected by other factors as well.
If anyone knows/finds a way to mount GameOS in Windows, please put it in this thread.
This app uses some modified parts of the PoC code released by naehrwert.
Tested On:
WD Scorpio Blue 1TB
Windows 7 X64
Thanks to glevand, naehrwert, flatz, PS3 dev wiki & everyone who worked on it.

Quick Tut:
Select your eid_root_key file.
Connect HDD to PC, ignore any initialize/format offers from windows.
Select the HDD index as it appears in "Disk Management" or HxD.
If the key and device are correct, the partition table should appear.
Click on "tools" to do whichever operation you want.

Dumping raw images requires access as "admin".
To do an operation on a whole file, set its "size" field to 0.


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