PSVITA ZombieBound : A New Zombie Game Soon to Be Released

Today developer VitaHex has released a preview for the homebrew named Zombiebound for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Time for my next announcement. My next big project is a new game for the PS Vita called Zombiebound. It's a 3D FPS game that plays very similar to your favourite CoD Zombies. The only CoD game on Vita skipped the "zombies" part (which was one of my favourite modes) and I felt that it was missing so that's why I decided to create Zombiebound.

It is developed in lua using Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante, it's also an open source project so you can easily modify the code, the assets, add new maps and stuff like that.

In terms of gameplay I tried my best to make it feel more like a "professional work". It's not easy considering the limitations of lua.

All of the models, the environments and most of the textures are hand-made by me. Zombies are also animated using hard-coded transforms for their parts and limbs. They walk to you avoiding obstacles and walls, some of them walk faster than the others and the more waves you pass the more difficult they get.

There are 3 weapons so far. Pistol, shotgun and an assault rifle. Pistol is your default weapon with unlimited ammo but it's very basic in terms of damage and speed. The other two weapons can be purchased from the walls for a specific amount of points.

There is still some work to do and some bugs to fix before the final release.

Zombiebound will be released on September 30 to everyone but our $5 Tier Patrons will get it early on September 26!

Feel free to post your comments with your impressions/suggestions about the game.

Download Here

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