Playstation RetroArch v1.67 Nightly Build Released

Today developer Libretro has released a new version of RetroArch v1.67 for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Better stability than nightlies
New experimental core: fbalpha. (it works only for some games, so you could get black screens or freezes)
Include all previous fixes like save/load bug on the snes9x2010 core and standalone pkgs released in the last weeks such as neogeo pocket core, mame 2003 and prosystem with latest available database
Favourite, Image, Video, Music, Netplay tabs
Added downloads folder, it includes freeware and shareware contents: cave story, doom, quake
Ode build: savestates, savefiles, playlists, configs, bios, favourite now should work on usb0001
Updated frontend, assets, cores, database, info files to the latest available source

New cores will be added whether they work and released like add-on packages.

Libretro developers team
Libretro and RetroArch contributors
Emu developers behind the cores

Have fun!
Download Here (CEX)
Download Here (DEX)
Download Here (ODE)

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