Playstation 3 RetroTools & RetroSync Tools Released

Today developer SubZero Designs has released a new homebrew named RetroTools for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Make your life easier by using these apps for your PsVita/PSP and w/e else.

Sync your Roms with your Thumbnail Images
via: Settings\User Interface\Appearance\Thumbnails\
Discover what images are missing. Find out if your image is misspelled in the Search function.
Options: None/Copy/Delete/Kill Images
None: Does nothing but discover what you are missing. From there, you can fix, find, or replace the image.
Copy: Copy your List of Roms Images to an Output Folder. - Faster Option Process
Delete: Deletes your non-matching images to the Recycle Bin. - Slow Option Process
Kill: Permanently Kill your non-matching images. - Slow Option Process

Are you sick of your Roms not showing up in the Playlist? Not any more.
Manually make your Playlist of your Roms for RetroArch. RetroArch relies on a DB(Database) of a Rom List.
If your Game(Rom) is not in the RetroArch DB it'll not show up in the Playlist under the Console Section.
Rectify this by Manually Making your own Playlist.


User Roms
* Load Your Roms
* Select your Output Folder to save your Playlist lpl file

Playlist Options
* Select or Type in the Path of your Roms(Console Path) in the Drop Down - (Examples Included)
* Select the Console lpl Name in the Drop Down

See Results

File Downloader
This can make it easier for getting images from certain sites. Some Sites do not allow hotlinking download.
Use the Go to go directly to the sites url. Or use it as a Download for anything. 4GB capped.

Download Here

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