Playstation 3 Movian Remote App Update Released

Today developer claha has released a new version of Movian Remote for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
I just wanted to update everyone that this remote had a major update in the past month, so if you haven't tried it you should check it out. The user interface is completely new and closer matches the user interface of Movian. The other new thing is a built in share feature, so if you start the YouTube app on your phone and select share on a video you can share it directly to Movian (needs YouTube plugin installed on Movian). This also work with other video-streaming apps but I haven't tested them all.

Feedback is always appreciated!

What's New
- Popup mini remote
- Share tested with YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (needs plugin to be installed in Movian)
- Firebase analytics
Download Here

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