PSVITA / PSTV sa0tour0 Released

Today developer SKGleba has released a new homebrew named sa0tour0 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Hi guys i was bored and saw some ppl complaining about that the fw reinstall dont restore sa0 , so modding sa0 is dangerous.
So i made a small [1.11MB] mod to redirect sa0 reqs to ur0/ux0
Currently moved fonts (both pvf and pgf) , dictionaries and hwr (handwriting) files (so basically all).
And important apps (i.e safemode) use these in sa0.
Useful for fonts testing.

Copy sa0:/data to desired location (i.e to ux0 so it will be ux0:/data)
Install vpk
Choose Install patch
Choose your desired location
The app will close automatically

Uninstall via menu

If you receive an error while switching just try again, if still-try other option.
If you have a bootloop from i.e incompatible plugin just reinstall fw via safemode (the original sa0 is untouched so u can normally reinstall fw)

Also compatible with psTV

Download Here

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