PSVITA Picodrive1.91_build_28.09.2017 Released

Today developer robson-alcantara has released a new version of Picodrive1.91_build_28.09.2017 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Fixes some blocks in SVP dynArec (-2FPS)
SH2 for the MIPS recompiler (32x dynArec)
Decrease instructions for SVP dynArec (+ 5 FPS)
Reset Code C for the Yamaha Audio Chip (Best Peformance)
bug fix: Sega CD CPU sync options do not work in the build of 2016/12/16
Same emulation speed for Mega drive / Genesis games
The fastest list where the Roma are shown
A bit of asm code for the Yamaha audio chip
Added Sega CD option - CPU sync (speed-up for some games)
Fix Bug on Sega CD audio tracks in the right order
More ASM code on SVP dynArec
Status row in main menu processing
Fix bug that removes accidental wip code in the svp code
Analog Controller working
Fix bug on freeze in svp dynArec
Bug fixed on background status load
Bug fix: on the renderer
SVP dynArec
Option to keep the sound while it is slowing down
Bug fix while loading a rescue does not change the renderer
Return to Code C for Memory Manager (SRam Does Not Work With ASM MIPS Version) NEW

Download the file. Open the zip file and extract the Picodrive1.91_build_28.09.2017 folder and put it with Vitashell inside the ur0 path : pspemu / PSP / GAME

For games, create a subfolder \ ROMS and insert roms in cue / bin format inside

Download Here

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