PSVITA MiniSpoofer v02 Released

Today developer SkGleba has released a new version of MiniSpoofer v02 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Hi guys, i was bored so i decided to cut some code of MoD (tool used by me to test hbs) and make a standalone app.
This mod allows u to use debug functions (i.e Multi Acc,Debug Settings) without need to modify alot of sys files (its a bare-bone testkit spoof+some add. modules--all plugin/retail things works 100% ). Its also lightweight and fast -- vpk is 3.22mb

This app has got two (four) buttons -- Start spoof&Stop spoof.
To enable simply Start Spoof , wait a while--it will freeze&auto exit, reboot, the mod is installed.
To disable simply Stop Spoof, and reboot.

If u get error - do it again, if error again- rewrite bootconfig in enso and reboot&try again.
If u have a red watermark- reboot (it may take few reboots til it hides -- if still-- DONT stop spoof, just click on StartSpoof again).
Download Here

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