PS3 OpenStore Almost Finished (Video)

Quote (Demonhades):
Good demons, as well the title says you can see that we have almost completed the OpenPStore, this being great as I wanted As you know the open may lose all homebrew, patches and plugins for JFW without relying on DH websites . Who does not have internet on the PS3 will have to download it from the website and then install OpenPStore the same way from an external media (USB). It should be remembered that DH will be compatible with JFW 341 and 356 MA, provided they are not the files to Thégra (which only supports 341) The only thing needed will be internet connected PS3 (not the psn) to download content, and then from viewer can be installed easily downloaded content 1saludo and hope you like hell! ! Thanks to The_marioga, Blipi, DanteHades, and Siem Makykiki by testings:)

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