Battlefield 3 Guide

Tips for playing Battlefield 3:
1) Do not sit in one spot unless you are using a sniper. Run around if you are using LMGs, SMGs or Assult rifles. Preferrablly with a suppressor to not alert a group of enemies if you kill one.

2) Use a gun that shoots long range unless you like getting up and close to the enemy a shotgun would be recommended.

3) Use a Laser sight. Using a laser sight allows the user better accuracy when firing from the hip.

4) Run the objectives. Do not sit in a corner expecting your team to do all the work, its called a squad/team for a reason.

5) Revive and heal your team/yourself. If you are using the assault class pay attention to your team and if they need a healing chances are they are waiting for you to throw that med kit down. Use the defribilator once unlocked to revive killed teammates.

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