Secret Android-like Autocorrect Spotted in IOS 5

A secret Android-like autocorrect keyboard bar has been found in iOS 5 by Sonny Dickson. The bar lets users pick from a series of word choices.

How to:
1. Download iBackupBot, but don’t run it yet.

2. Plug in your iPhone, open iTunes, click on the device, and choose “Back up to this computer.” Then click “Sync.”

3. Install and run iBackupBot, and click on the latest backup for your iPhone.

4. Locate “Library/Preferences/” (You may want to click “Path” to sort files alphabetically). Click “Cancel” in the dialog box that appears when you choose the file path.

5. Under the line that reads “”, insert another line that reads “KeyboardAutocorrectionLists” (without quotations), then add another line beneath it that reads “YES.” Close the file and save your progress.

6. Click “File” from the iBackupBot menu, and choose “Restore.” Be patient, and wait for the iPhone to restart after the restore is complete.

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