PS3 3.41JFW-DH Cancelled

Quote (DemonHades):
Explanatory notes for the team and especially me DemonHades Coordinator and Representative of JFW, I decided to leave the project JFW DH 341 (which has served as a base) to work only as the 356MA, which is more advanced what at first we thought when we long to share the news poster consoles users. I had a thorn in people with 35x base that they could not enjoy the JFW DH, which is why we all, and when we say a full support portodas is 34x or 35x people. 356MA recall again that is not a beta, is a Custom 100% functional, custom applications depends not .. but .. applications is the why the Port of IrisMAnager356 is a prime example of all, and when I say everything is all! can be ported to 356MA. Also Re-emphasize that users with less than 356 firmware not need to solder or no flash, something that if they are on 356 or higher require.

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