PS3 3.73 Lv2diag & ObjectiveSuites Leaked

Lets try this again. We were contacted today by someone claiming as “an0n” with news about a leak containing various files including ObjectiveSuite. Although there are parts from old previous leak this recent one that surfaced has various new goodies that are new..including CEX to DEX conversion

. “an0n” claims that this can lead to 3.73 CFW (we are not saying that it will), but various other devs are saying different things. Speaking to a handful of other devs, there seems to be some use for it so clearly this is not for the end user, but these tools are being put out there for anyone who is interested to experiment with.

The following was pulled form previous news post about what “an0n” said about this release. There are some true facts in there but several unknown or unconfirmed by a handful of PS3 devs around the scene:

Hello PS3 Scene, this is another anonymous leak!

I would like to be called: anon0 to prevent confusion with all the other ‘anonymous’ members

2 months ago, a CEX-to-DEX came out which needed the request-idps.txt

It was all accomplished by .SIG files and ObjectiveSuites, they are encrypted files which carry out specific commands to the PS3

We are now bringing THREE new .SIG files which can be used with 3.73 FW to carry out certain ‘tasks’
Figure what it can do by yourself… And samples of many files can be found there which can aid in 3.73 getting hacked…
To use ObjSuites: Put PS3 in service mode, connect PS3 to PC by ethernet cable, IP Address to

Copy files from objcon to root of your usb drive
Start ObjectiveSuites, then power the PS3
All info necessary will be in the temp folder in objectivesuites…

This is a part-of-the-equation of hacking the 3.73

Some notes: I can guarantee something: There are many exploits present when ObjSuites connects to PS3, it forms a trusting bond… ObjSuites gets LV0/LV1 access
Use this with care…

I also bring more detail from an0n, the leaker himself bringing more information and clarification on this leak:
10:44 anonym0us – Okay
10:44 anonym0us – let me explain
10:44 anonym0us – ObjectiveSuites is used in combination with a jig
10:45 anonym0us – It allows more things to be done while PS3 is in service mode
10:45 anonym0us – something like 2 months ago
10:45 anonym0us – There was a leak
10:45 anonym0us – that allowed Retail->Debug
10:45 anonym0us – but it required a person getting request_idps.txt
10:45 anonym0us – from Sony
10:45 anonym0us – It was accomplished by a .SIG file
10:46 anonym0us – .SIG files carry out commands to the PS3
10:46 anonym0us – So
10:46 anonym0us – I got hands on 3 more .SIG files
10:46 anonym0us – Which report all kinds of things about the PS3
10:46 anonym0us – But, there is another thing
10:46 anonym0us – When ObjSuites is used with the PS3 in service mode
10:46 anonym0us – We can exploit the PS3
10:47 anonym0us – Sony never bothered fixing bugs between the ObjSuites-PS3 connection
10:47 anonym0us – Reason?
10:47 anonym0us – The original ObjSuites required a membership to SCEDevNet
10:48 anonym0us – this is cracked
10:48 anonym0us – So
10:48 anonym0us – yeha
10:48 anonym0us – yeah
10:48 anonym0us – thats pretty much it
10:48 anonym0us – When PS3 connects to ObjSuites
10:48 anonym0us – you get LV0/LV1 access
10:48 anonym0us – you get LV0/LV1 access
10:48 anonym0us – So with a bit of tinkering
10:48 anonym0us – You can be sure that you can get the PS3 to do what you want ot
10:48 anonym0us – to*
10:48 anonym0us – And thats pretty much it

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