PS3 KaKaRoTo Jailbreaks 3.73: No Backup Managers/Homebrew Only

Today KaKoRoto posted on twitter that he has successfully jailbroken Sony Firmware 3.73. He has stated it will not give users LV2 access thus no backup managers will work.

[07:28:39] heri, docpaul showtime would work fine
[07:28:58] kakaroTo, this means new tcl patches for mfw and some changes to manage 3.73 ?
[07:29:17] ddoo, and no I didn’t fix the npdrm algo, that’s what I’m missing (hence the “kind of”) but I’m not
working on that, that’s someone else’s job
[07:30:05] gonna debut it at ccc kakaroto or before?
[07:30:06] ddoo, and even if npdrm signing worked.. how do you install your pkg on an OFW 3.73 ?
[07:30:22] so KaKaRoTo, once the NPDRM algo is fixed, a release will come?
[07:31:14] heri, another missing bit, but once that’s fixed, yes
[07:31:23] but I’ll probably be off country for the next 2 weeks
[07:31:30] so all work will have to be paused
[07:31:52] oh, fair enough. we can all wait 2 weeks hey :P we have waited months anyways
[07:32:06] ddoo, that might work.. you could also just install your pkg on 3.55 then upgrade…
[07:32:20] ddoo, upgrading doesn’t delete any of your packages
[07:32:37] ddoo, issue is, you’re lost if you didn’t do it before upgrading
[07:32:53] but they fail because the npdrm algo is spoted by the checks in 3.56+
[07:33:13] heri, also note, I “announced” it because I was excited to see it work as expected
[07:33:22] doesn’t mean it’s ready for release
[07:33:31] ddoo, exactly
[07:33:36] yeh thats what we were saying just before you came
[07:33:43] so you need : 1 – npdrm algo fixed, 2 – a way to install stuff
[07:33:53] you only announce when you are confident it works
[07:33:58] 1 has been done by someone else (don’t know if he’ll share it), and 2.. well, I just did it
[07:34:37] heri, well, I was testing on 3.60 and it worked, but yes, I did upgrade to 3.73 to test that it still
works just to make sure I don’t tweet any false hopes
[07:34:46] but you cant run what you installed until 1 is fixed correct?
[07:34:59] middleman, exactly
[07:36:17] interesting
[07:36:19] nice, thx KaKaRoTo
[07:36:40] * KaKaRoTo needs to hide now if he wants to get any work done
[07:36:42] ttyl

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