Ps3 One v1.11.11 Released

Quote (CrashSerious):
Tonight, to celebrate the last binary date of the century. We bring you a update to one.
Simply, it updates memory
 card support and works on the following systems:
3.55 MFW Retail/CEX
3.41 MFW Retail/CEX
3.15 MFW Retail/CEX
3.55 MFW Debug/DEX
3.41 MFW Debug/DEX
3.15 MFW Debug/DEX
(Note: one uses "state of the art" firmware detection to apply patches needed, spoofing simply can not fool it.)
Now not only do memory cards work... but those of you who are on *MFW 3.15* can use it too. We told you we didn't believe people should go without features!
The following list of you expressed concern over or claimed you would not vote until savedata was working, well it is ... how do you like one now?
... end of update!

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