PSVita VHBL on Firmware 1.69

Quote (Wololo):
I mentioned a few days ago that we still have a few exploits available for VHBL. I decided to update to 1.69 today and see if these exploits still work, and, as you can see in the video below, they do.

In this video I am running Super Street Fighter 2 on snes9xTYL, the famous SNES emulator.

No promise yet on a release, the exploit is not mine, and I am still investigating other exploits and see if they can be ported to VHBL as well. As I explained before, even though we have lots of user exploits, not all of them are suited for a VHBL port, so unless we have several valid options I’d rather keep this one for a “big” firmware update, such as the one that should bring us PSX compatibility in a few weeks…

(yeah, I suck at gaming, stop telling me)

Stay tuned.

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