PS3 Skyrim Quest Deleter Tool Released

To use the tool, all you need to do is:

1. select the quest from the drop down list
2. press "fix me"
3. point to the *.ess file
4. wait for the tool to fix the file
5. load the game and the newly fixed gamesave
6. (optional) with your altered quest, open the console and setstage to the first stage
7. (optional) Donate via Paypal Link here...

If i have missed any quests in this release please send any recommendations to:

Return to grace,
Use the tool, resurrect Roggvir, then complete the quest using the console to delete it from the log.
prid 000A3BDC
resurrect 1
moveto player
setstage c7d42 20
pickpocket the amulet of talos from roggvir

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