Help Developer SKFU Get a PSVita Debug Unit

Today Develop SKFU had written on his blog that he is starting a campaign to save up enough money to open up the possiblity for the PSVita. He explains that with this Debug Unit that is very costly ranging at around 2000Euros that it would be able to allow applications and the psvita would suddenly take off. I support his effort and are encouraging all of us here to read the information from his blog and give him a little of a donation. I don't expect you to give all your money but at least some.

Quote (SKFU):
In the PlayStation3 scene, the progress went much easier since development kits and testkits are available to several developers. In the PS VITA scene there is no such kit available to any developer, yet.

So far we only have PSP emulator exploits which won't help much for the VITA progress at all, so I talked about the idea of a fund raising with active VITA developers and it was pretty welcomed, so we decided to start one right now.

With a PS VITA DevKit we will have the same advanatages which the PS3 kits brought due 2008:
- file system access
- unsigned code execution
- debugger possibility
- etc etc etc

To enhance the speed of the VITA research a development kit would help A LOT as you know. The kit will be shared with all trusted VITA developers so anyone has a piece of the cake to use it for the work done for you - the community.

The PS VITA DevKits have a license expire function which you might heard of. This causes the VITA to stop working after 3 months if official developers do not renew the license. Dont worry, we have a way around this already, else we would not ask :)

To prevent legel trouble for the one who will receive the kit, I can not offer a list of names here who contributes and supports this task, but rest assured that the right people will have access to it to finally bring the VITA scene progress forward!

The necessary sum is 2000€ which is:
1,900€ - devkit itself
100€ - shipping costs

The worldwide PlayStation scene community is very huge so we hope enough people want to see magic happens on the VITA and support this project with a small donation.

Thanks in advance

- VITA developers
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