PS3UserCheat Cracked Dongle by oct0xor & flat_z

Today I received some insight that a developer by the name of oct0xor had released the inner workings of the PS3UserCheat Dongle. Feel free to check out his twitter and his download he provided below.

Quote (oct0xor aka Mr.DongleBreaker):

ps3usercheat dongle pwned!
I am not a lone wolf and say thanks to all who helps me anyhow with this: @flat_z. <3 Also thanks to Baphometh from who donated dongle to me.
If you like my work you can donate
- btw its first dongle hacked since original psjailbreak
- all features are available
- 1/3.... Who's next ?)
- btw the latest 6.0 cheatlist will be later, when I get some free time

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