PS3 mmCM 04.04.00 Released

- Fixed something that annoyed some users of 5x4x5, 4x2 and XBDM display modes:
After restart (or going to mmOS and back) game modes 5x4x5, 4x2 and XBDM
will display the last selected entry (game/video/music/photo) and will *not* reset to dash mode
- Added option to "Default Display Mode" setting: [Disable];
If there is no display-mode-lock it will make mM start in the last used display mode
- FTP session timeout set to 1 minute

mmOS related:
•Added context menu when desktop is selected (to Refresh, Create New Folder, Show Desktop, Reset mmOS, Restore Wallpaper)
•Added "Permissions" to context menu when single folder is selected (to reset folder access permissions)
•Double clicking on .p3t (PS3 theme) will copy/install the file/theme to PS3 XMB themes system folder (/dev_hdd0/theme); user can later install it from XMB
•Added support for creating shortcuts to /net_host PC shares
•Folders created on the desktop now open properly
•Desktop shortcuts to /ps3_home/video, music and photo now have proper icons and open the virtual folder and not the /dev_hdd0/* one
•Desktop shortucts to games/executables (EBOOT.BIN/.SELF) can be used to boot external apps or mount games

Game Compatibility / CFW Related (KMEAW/REBUG/ROGERO 3.55CFWs):

- Improved compatibility for the so-called "Black-Screen-Games" (BSG) which *until now* required
the "BD-Mirror" option and worked ONLY from external usb HDD (otherwise game would lock/loop/error during load).
- Now users of the listed firmwares can use the "BD-Mirror" option for game backups stored in the INTERNAL HDD.
It may improve the compatibility of over 100 games (some older titles, some newer), for example AC1 / Colin Dirt 1 / Prince Of Persia / CoD / MW / Tomb Raider, incl. titles which had sound issues.
- A partial list of some games that may gain from the new option can be found here: (by GotIt4Free /
- It is now possible to set "BD-Mirror" option for games in Internal HDD and it enables the new functionality.
The option works both with PS3 Game Disc in the tray and in discless mode from /app_home.
- The option is available in the "Game Settings" menu for each game in the list

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