PS3 Media Server 1.53.0 Released

Today a new version of PS3 Media Server is available for download. Check out the changelog and download below.

- Fix global custom MEncoder options
- Re-fix NPE when toggling HTTP Engine V2
- Fix startup for symlinked (#1356) (thanks, Matthijs!)
- Added documentation to PMS.conf (thanks, Hagar!)
- Updated JNA to support multiarch directories on Linux (#1152)
- Added option to select and force the default renderer
- Fixed Samsung 2012 TVs timeout (thanks, troop!)
- Added support for D-link DSM-510 (thanks, glenrocks!)
- Updated MPlayer build script to SB32
- Fix "value too long" SQL exceptions
- If renderer has not specified a maximum height/width, default to 1920x1080
- Initial fix for Samsung 2012 TVs (thanks, troop!)
- Linux: load system-wide defaults from /etc/skel if user's profile not found
- Added recognition for AcePlayer app (thanks, md.versi!)
- Fix parsing of in plist preventing iPhoto libraries from working
- Added Plugin development guide (thanks, glebb)
- Language updates:
- added Arabic
- added Hebrew (thanks, zvi-yamin!)
- CZE translation update (thanks, valib)
- Layout support for right-to-left languages added

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