PS3 Cobra USB Firmware 5.0 & MMCM 4.01.00 Full Released

Added support to play isos from a PC using network connection. No more waste of time copying between PC and ps3, play directly from the files on your computer!

Requires to run the supplied ps3netsrv server application (it is inside mmCM 04.01.00 download) on the PC, a version for windows and linux is provided (mac users can use the windows version with wine
Note: when using wine, we recommend to run directly the command line ps3netsrv.exe and not the gui).

Currently the following items can be played from network:

PS3 isos
PSX cue+bin or isos
Blu-Ray isos
DVD isos

Currently the following items cannot be played from network:

PS3 games in JB directory format (planned for 5.1 release)
PSP isos (planned for 5.1 release)
PS2 isos (planned, but we cannot estimate the version)

Although Cobra doesn't restrict the isos from being loaded through wifi, wifi is too slow for most uses, we recommend to use a wired connection.

Optimized a bit the read of PS3 isos (15-20% gain in external disk, not noticeable in internal disk)
Added dynamic firmware version spoofer capabilities. You can set the spoof in mmCM settings. As Sony release new firmwares, the spoofer can be updated by updating mmCm, without need of updating Cobra USB fw. No system files are modified by the version spoofer, all take place in ram.

Changelog of mmCM 04.01.00:
Changed: Nethost PC server application "ps3serv" is replaced by new windows/linux application "ps3netsrv"
Added support for playing PS3 and PSX games in ISO/CUE+BIN format from remote net_hosts (PCs connected to the LAN)
Added support for playing Blu-ray and DVD-Video movie titles in ISO format from remote net_hosts

! NOTE: For best performance and compatibility of the new net_host interface, a WIRED network may be required (Wi-Fi is also supported)
! NOTE: Root folders served by remote hosts must contain /******, /BDISO, /DVDISO and /PSXISO folders to enable remote content

Added new option in SETTINGS column: "Network Servers" for setting up to 10 remote nethost IP:PORT values
Removed: *nethost* settings from options[_default].ini are ignored and no longer supported
Added new option in SETTINGS column: "System Firmware Version" for "spoofing" current FW version to 4.00 or higher
Added support for thumbnail images for remote BD/DVD/PS3/PSX ISO/BIN+CUE files (*.jpg / *.png)
Added support to copy files from one net_host to another
Added support to delete folders from remote net_host
Added support to view files in TextViewer from remote net_host folders
Added support to copy games and ISO images to remote host from SIDE menu ([TRIANGLE] in XMMB/XBDM/BOARD display modes)

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