PS3 Redsquirrel87 Releases Unofficial Showtime Media Player 3.5.19

smb: Add support for domain name in authentication request
osx: Fix broken windows button close
Drop debug printf
spotify: Fix fallout from artist picture revamp
osx: Fix application exit bugs
Make albumart and artist picture less dependant on
htsbuf: Add htsbuf_to_rstr()
Fix bug in imageset decoding
http-client: Add support for gzip content encoding
Add rstr_spn() helper
Add datasource to audio item metadata and tables for storing album art, etc
Add prop event class
Remove unused/broken EVENT enum entry
js: Add plugin.onEvent() for handling global events
osx: Make Shift+F5 reload data model
js: Refactor the event handling code
fa_scanner: Make sure fde_stat.fs_mtime is correctly initialized before use
metadata: Correctly update stream list
rtmp: Fix crash on Lion 64bit
Empty commit
Bump (c) year
Merge pull request #63 from Daisho/master
maj lang fr
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Donwload Here (Without Ads)

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