PSVita VHBL Still Works on Firmware 1.61

As confirmed earlier by Teck4, VHBL still seems to work fine on vita’s firmware 1.61. I say “seems” because testing this is very difficult.

After all, I’m running on a version of the game that was bought back in December, and for all I know, it got patched or something… I surely hope not. Firmware 1.61 does not seem to bring much, and, luckily this time, I didn’t have to upgrade CMA on top of the Vita.

Every firmware update is obviously very stressful and makes me realize even more the fragility of this exploit. I wish I could say like the failOverfl0w team for the ps3, or the prometheus team for the pandora batteries: “Sony can’t patch it without a hardware revision”, but I don’t have that confidence. It’s actually the opposite. There are so many ways this exploit can be patched, it’s not even funny. As I mentioned a while ago, my only hope with this is that Sony will say the same thing that pirates are saying: “it doesn’t run PSP or Vita isos, it doesn’t even access the Vita hardware, so who cares?”. Well I do, and I’d be super happy if a few people can use it. Sure, those are “only” PSP homebrews, but trust me, the Vita screen and memory stick improved access times make those homebrews look cool again

Mamosuke contacted me yesterday to let me know that for some reason, copying VHBL from a PS3 to the Vita doesn’t work properly, as the PS3 fails to copy some of the files. I’ll have to verify that myself, but for now (or, rather, when you get VHBL), I recommend to copy from a PC instead of a PS3.

On a side note, we banned almost 50 accounts on /talk, mostly belonging to Japanese users, by mistake. We fixed that and unbanned most accounts, but if you registered today or yesterday and are having problems to login on /talk, please contact me directly and I’ll see what I can do. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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