PS3 Yet Another Bypass V1.3 Released

Quote (Cotojestwtf):
I release new version of my bypasser named a ‘YAB’

Yet Another Bypass 1.3

How to use:
1. Start bat file YABStart
2. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings IP: of your computer
3. Set up on PS3/Proxy Seetings Port: 27 u can change them on config folder (port.txt)
4. Connect to PSN

Succesfully bypassed 4.10 on 4.00

-No It no gain you PSN on CFW.
-No You can’t connect to PSN on firmware below 4.00.

You can download all stuff from PSStore without error.


1.3 - GUI was removed, sucesfully bypassed a new firmware 4.10.
1.2 - GUI Mode was added, but it cause a conectivity problems.
1.1 - added YABKill to kill a proxy server.
1.0 - first release.

How To:

Work for US Region
Originally Posted by bcklzz
First, Thanks cotojestwtf.

in the rar there is only the ps3_updatelist.txt file for EU (that's Europe)
Most likely all the whiners are using US ps3.

Make a copy of the folder in (and its contents)
and change the content of the file ps3-updatelist.txt to
# US
Dest=84;ImageVersion=0000d18a;SystemSoftwareVersio n=4.000;CDN=;CDN_Timeout=30;
and that's all. start YAB, configure your PS3 to use the proxy and enjoy your PSN without upgrading to 4.10.

Download Here (With Ads)
Download Here (Without Ads)

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