PS3 Unofficial Showtime Media Player v3.5.43 Released

glw: Make sure string concatenation of rich text formated strings works
Add html_enteties_escape() helper
Remove duplicate function token2string()
glw/clist: Initialize position without filtering first time
osx: Allow theme path to be set
glw: Autorescale userinterface based on window dimensions
Render image shadows in blurred mode
glw: Improve clist widget a bit more
Avoid NULL deref
Don't use a var before initialized
spotlight: Avoid NULL deref
Improve some asserts
imageloader: Fail early if we try to load an image with invalid request dimensions
glw: Improve propsorter()
prop: Fix bug in nodefilter
glw: Fix error in blur shader
glw: Make scurve() take an additional third arg
glw: Make change() function accept property reference as trig variable
glw: Improve clist widget a bit
Remove unused stuff
smb: If we get logged in a guest but not want to, act as if login failed
Remove unused decl.
smb: Fix recently introduced crash

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