PS3 mmCM 4.02.00 Released

Today the Cobra USB posted a minor update to mmCM. If you are unsure what mmCM is it is a rebuild of Multiman made for Cobra USB Jailbreak Dongle. It features many exciting new changes in comparison to the old Multiman. Check out the changelog and download below.

How to Install:
1) Download and Drag the the pkg onto a USB
2) Go game on XMB and click Install Package Files
3) Click on the package you wish to install
4) Wait for it to load. Done

- Added new display mode (“TMB” – Top Media Bar) to replace “Box-art” mode
- Added new option in Settings – “Top Media Bar Color” to set user-defined color for top and bottom stripes in TMB mode
- Added new background image in the original theme (TMBBG.JPG) for TMB display mode
Improved speed when copying files
Optimized memory usage (another 10MB of RAM available for operations)
- Added support for scanning /dev_usb010 to /dev_usb099 for PSX/PS2/PS3/PSP/BD/DVD ISO files
- Added four (4) new colors to SIDE/TMB color setting options and two options in COLOR.INI to set side/tmb colors from themes
- Added function to “Quit to XMB” if [CIRCLE] (or [CROSS] if X/O swap is set in options) button is held pressed
- Added visual slider indication when scrolling trough a lot of entries (XMMB, TMB and XBDM modes + when browsing devices)
- Reminder for BD-Remote colored keys: RED – Quit, GREEN – Screen Saver, YELLOW – Restart, BLUE – To File Manager and back

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