IOS 5.0.1 Bug Discovered: Bypass Passcode on Lockscreen

A bug in iOS 5.0.1 discovered by Safwan Saba and verified by iPhoneIslam lets you bypass a user's passcode to access their contacts list, make calls, and send emails.

In this video we discuss a major iOS 5 security flaw discovered by (Safwan Saba) that allows you to go to someone's contacts list to make phone calls, text messages, and emails even if the person has a passcode on their phone. This works for all iPhones.

To bypass the passcode you must open a missed call notification when the network is searching. This is accomplished by being in low signal area or reinserting the SIM card.

How To:
1. You must have a missed call notification
2. Take the sim card off
3. Return it and slide on the missed call notification
don't take off the sim, just be in a place with VERY low coverage and slide on the missed call notification.
4. You should get get error in calling and a "DONE" button
5. Press it and you should be in the phone app!
Check the video on how to do that!
Remember: it might don't work from first time! Keep trying!

How this trick works:
It's all about very low coverage. Taking the sim off and put it back will give you about 1-2 sec with no coverage, in these 1-2 seconds if you call, it will give you "call failed". That error is what should be fixed, because if you press done, it will take you to phone app

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