[PSVITA] K.E.T.M. Kill Everything That Moves v1.0 Released

Today developer Rinnegatamante has released a new homebrew named K.E.T.M. Kill Everything That Moves v1.0 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
This is the PSVITA port of K.E.T.M. (Kill Everything That Moves) , a fast paced 2D shooter.
The game is available with the original game style and 4 mods (1941, Star Wars, Iron man, Mario Kart). The Game mode is selectable at startup.


- Dpad/Left Analog: Move ship
- X: Fire
- Start: Pause game


Thanks to:
- nop90 for the 3DS port i used as base for this port.
- All my Patrons for their awesome support on Patreon:
- Styde Pregny
- Billy McLaughlin II
- XandridFire
- Samuel Batista
- Jaden Emrich
- Justin
- Edd
- Setiyagung
- Ramerson Wesley Araújo
- temp_anon
- 2Mourty
- gnmmarechal
- Bryan Hanbury
- Gelson Silva
Download Here

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