[PSVITA] Higurashi Vita v2.2 Released

Today developer MyLegGuy has released a new version of Higurashi Vita v2.2 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
- Add very unstable 3ds support
- Text won’t go to the very edge of the screen anymore.
- ADV mode. Requires you to convert the script files again with the new version of the script converter.
- Adds message box alpha setting for NVL mode only. The AVD textbox is already partially transparent.
- “Load preset and savefile” is now “Load game.”
- If there’s no next chapter, the other menu options are shifted up.
- BGM loading and playing will be skipped if BGM volume is turned all the way down.
- Easier to toggle auto mode now
- Your TIP selection isn’t reset after viewing one.
- Fixed DisplayWindow command.
- You can now choose to have the text start at the start of the background, instead of the side of the screen. Useful if you’re not playing with the PS3 patch.
Engine improvements to try and be more generic:
- MoveBust command added for swapping two busts’ slots.
- Each preset can now have a Lua file that’s executed when the preset it loaded.
- Lua logic sped up
- If OptionsEnableVoiceSetting is called, PlayVoice will have its own volume setting. This isn’t used in my Higurashi port yet.
- If OptionsSetTipExist(bool) is called, you can toggle the existence of the TIP menu.
Download Here

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