[Playstation 4] PS4Backuploader Released

Today developer STONEMUC has released a new version of PS4Backuploader for the Playstation 4. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes

Yesterday I wrote a little .bat file according to the KernelHooksHelper by @0x199 to make the process to run PlayStation 4 game backups on PS4 1.76 jailbroken consoles as easy as you can imagine.

Now you can choose the way you want to load your game in one second. The benefit for me is that I can run two games from internal hdd (kernel hooks /data/CUSAXXXX and donor disc payload) without using filezilla to change the name of the internal backup folder in /data/. Also you can run a third game on external usb port.

After launching your local elf loader you have to launch the PS4Backuploader.bat and follow the instructions.

Set your PS4IP and name of donor disc payload in the two .txt files before and copy your donor disc payload into PS4Backuploader root.

Credits to @zecoxao, @0x199

Download Here

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