[Playstation 3] FERROX CFW 4.82 v1.01 with COBRA 7.55 Released

Today developer LIZZO has released a new version of FERROX 4.82 v1.01 COBRA 7.55 for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Here is the new release we promised you!
The new v1.01 of the FERROX COBRA comes with general improvements, both internal to FERROX and COBRA .
In fact, the dear Developer Alexander includes in its Custom Firmware the COBRA Payloads updated to the new 7.55 version .

The new COBRA version solves a Bug created with the addition of the Homebrew Blocker.
We had initially discovered the Bug of the game data installation during the last tests on the FERROX 4.82. We discovered another one during the FERROX tests. The problem is access to storage space after disabling the Syscalls. It did not allow to erase game data and also applications / homebrew, and perhaps also other related issues. No access to the installation folder was allowed with Syscalls disabled.

After just a few tests, we can ascertain that the problem has been solved.

For complete changelogs, you can view them on

COBRA 7.54 - Fixed Bug in the installation of game updates with Syscalls disabled - Credits to Alexander, Aldostools, Joonie
COBRA 7.55 - Fixed Bug to delete game data / Applications / Homebrew with Syscalls Disabled - Credits to Alexander
Fix DRM PSP & Fix PSX. Now the PKG PSP and PSX start without problems.
Fix BlueRay ISO. Now the ISO of the BD films work correctly.
Added support for downloading unsigned PKGs via XMBPD - Credits to DeViL303, Bobby_Downgrades
Download Here

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