[Playstation 4] DYNLIB IDA Pro Plugin Released

Today developer aerosoul94 has released a new version of DYNLIB IDA Pro Plugin for the Playstation 4. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
This is an IDA Pro plugin to aid in reverse engineering PS4 user mode elf's by loading the PS4 specific DYNLIBDATA segment.

Resolves obfuscated symbols NID's in order to label imports and exports
Loads the symbol table
Patches relocations
Visual Studio 2017
IDA SDK (6.8 under Win32 Configuration, 7.0 under x64 Configuration)
You may need to reconfigure Additional Library Directories and Additional Include Directories to point to the correct path of your IDA SDK installation.

dynlib.xml is a database of NID's and their matching original symbols. It is required in order to resolve NID's and must be kept updated in order to ensure the plugin can resolve more NID's.

You will need to install dynlib.xml and dynlib64.dll into IDA Pro's plugins folder.

Then you may either press Ctrl + F-10 or navigate to Edit > Plugins > DYNLIB. You will then need to choose the same PS4 elf originally loaded for the database.
Download Here

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