Viggle: Awesome New Application I Started Doing to Earn Rewards

My friend had shown me this awesome application were you put your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch next to the tv and you could recieve points earned towards getting rewards. While this seems very stupid on the creators end it is not. People who make TV Shows will pay the makers of this application to get there show more views while still making money will a little bit of advertisements. But you can also earn points by watching this 30 second advertisement videos that can bring you in anywhere from 15 to 100 points. Prizes start at about 7500 points ranging from a starbucks eGift card (my favorite one) to a brand new kindle fire for 375,000 points. You can request a prize and most likely they will have it added in the next two weeks. Prizes are often updated every week and they can basically add anything they want. I have seen Amazon gift card, Ebay gift card and a Regular Kindle. 

I have just started using this application and it works great on my iPod Touch 2g IOS 4.2.1. (I have a little Dongle Microphone to let it listen to the TV). 
I have to say I have earned almost 25,000 Points in about 3 days. 

This is what I have earned so far:

Click on the links to check out some pictures.

Check out the FREE application by clicking here. (It will redirect to the app store)
Check out the Creator's website by clicking here

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