PS3 Hatari V1.6.1 DBG: Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon Emulator

What?: A quick port of hatari 1.6.1 to ps3 using PSL1GHTV2.
Why ?: Because i like old atari computer
Who ?: Rtype

So far I've only compiled the lastest hatari src (1.6.1) with psl1ghtv2 (SDL used) and I only make few hacks to done it work (a little) .
So dont expect to much ...

All the credit to the HATARI TEAM and to the PS3DEV team .

Know Problems:
- Works only with a keyboard & a mouse cnx to the ps3 !
- Some pb with SDL1.2 hatari code (ex: code Keysym 1.2 different from 1.3) so i make quick dirty hack , not all the keys are working and it's seem to break a lot keyrepeat .
- Hatari & sdlgui use partial screen update , and PS3 SDL don't have hardware cursor code , so i make another quick & very bad hack to show something we can call a mouse pointer (hum i know it's a square) and force the gui redraw , this make the gui very bad and slow, and there is a big lag between mouse action and screen update. Apologize for this.
- In fullscreen mode Gui seem not working correctly so change to desktop mode if needed.
- XMB seem to freeze PS3 when calling from home button so exit from the gui or AltGr-Q combo.
- I ve not tested all the option , just few games , so maybe other pb around ...
Sorry for all this problems but i hope you enjoy anyway ( i mean Atari lovers ) somes old good games .

How to Install: 
- Create somes dir in /dev_hdd0/ :
/dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW and /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/ and /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/TOS/ and /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/CONF/
- Put a valid tos named "rom" in:
- Put some ST/MSA dsk in :
- Install the pkg .

works only with a keyboard & a mouse !
joystick: LSTICK= JOY MOVE CROSS = Button1
SQUARE= button2

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