PSVeeter v0.1 Released: Delete PSVita Content

Quote (Phexe):
A tool for viewing/deleting your backed up Playstation Vita content (via Content Manager Assistant).

What can it do at the moment?
Playstation Minis
Playstation Portable & Save Games
Playstation Vita Games & Apps
Delete Individually via Right clicking name
Shows the Title, the Playstation ID Code and the Size of the Game/App
Automatically retrieve the path to your Vita Directory from Registry
If Sony’s Content Manager Assistant is not installed or set up, you can specify a directory to use

Known Issues:
Has trouble deleting item if Icon is in use by windows explorer. You can rememdy this by either restarting your PC or Explorer.exe (Windows Issue)

Coming Soon (To do List):
- Add more details from the local SFO file to the information box on the right. Ie./ Tech details.
- Maybe add Web information retrieved from gaming sites or just links to product pages
Download Here Requires .Net 4.0

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