PS3 Solar v4.1 Released

Today Condorstrike posted a new update to Solar for mmCM. If you are unsure what solar is it is a space system theme for Multiman. Check out the changelog and download below.

Quote (Condorstrike)
Hi guys, Here's another update, Solar v4.1.

I added a bunch of stuff as time allowed, like .TTF fonts, a new more realistic UI with centralized data and new cool animations. Also some major 3D engine fixes, a little more camera control..."WIP" and other little things, like proper naming lenghts, and faster music titles selection. I took a couple of days off from working on Solar and got bored quickly, so I made an mmCM theme called METRO, 100% compatible with the latest version 04.02.00, but I really don't have time to make themes, so I won't be making any more...

As always I hope you enjoy my releases, and I thank my tortuga family and all my other friends in the PS3 scene... you know who you are.

PS: /me slaps moogie around a bit with a large trout.

- Added .TTF fonts, themable "font1.ttf & font2.ttf" in theme folder.
- Added more camera freedom, WIP.
- Added a new UI with moving buttons, gauge and speakers.
- Moved all info to a centralized location thanks to new UI.
- Freed up some more memory.
- Added faster MP3 selection, just hold down.
- Added Higher resolution Images, now more loaded from HDD.
- Fixed MP3 long names... thanks DeanK.
- Added PARAM.HIP... thanks Opium2K.
- Removed some bugs.

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