PS3 Custom Firmware Validator Released

Databases are external, written in the stardard XML and UTF-8 coded, so everyone can edit them and propose any possible corrections, what we encourage you to do.

We prepared three different bases for the program (the one for PS3 is loaded by default, but one can choose others from the option menu):

The first one for PS3 (currently with all CFW/OFW (*.pup) and upadate packages *.pkg for Rebug and TB dongle).
The other ones function as examples and need to be completed.

Please be advised: in order for Custom Firmware Validator to work properly Microsoft .NET Framework at least ver. 4.0 is required. the program works on windows 7 - was not tested on XP, Vista or 8 (Developers/Consumers Preview).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you plan to make databases updates?
A: Yes, but only the one for PS3. In this aspect we count on the community's involvement. ;]

Q: Do you plan to release program updates?
A: Sure, but it depends on whether the submitted errors could be verified and whether we have ideas for new functions.

Q: What checksums are generated and will you add new in the future?
A: CRC32 (CRC32b), MD5, SHA1, SHA2-224, SHA2-256, SHA2-386 and SHA2-512. In future, probably SHA3. Others not, for the time being.

Q: Can I use CFV in order to generate checksums from other files than consoles' firmware?
A: Yes, basically the source of no importance, because the program reads descriptions and checksums which can be freely edited and picked from the options menu.

Q: Is CFV legal?
A: Yes, it is, it doesn't contain any keys/hashes used to sign files.

Q: Could I modify my console using the program?
A: Nah...

Grimm, Berion

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