PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.5 Released

Quote (TizzyT):
Finally wasn't lazy enough to get to work on the next update. The version is now 2.5 and its more of a complete redo then an update. Everything should work and contains the word BETA because I wasn't able to test it myself, but RobGee789 has tested and stated it working.

UI has changed.
Shouldn't have packing errors anymore.
Does fine if file-size of logo changes.
No hex-editing.
There are no more arguments.
Like prior versions of PCLCV2, (should) creates/extracts all required files.
CS5 extended instead of CS4.

Not implemented:
- Detects when Photoshop is finished extracting (will add in soon).
- Save preview (will add in soon).
- Have not added Code Rebug's Coldboot installer (will add in soon).
- PS: comments opinions would be nice.

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