PS3 IDPS Viewer Tool Released: Dump Your PS3's IDPS

Quote (nathan_r32_69):
I've created this tool based on research I'm doing and had not planned release out yet, but if someone need it here it is (Thanks to J-Martin for the logo)


What does this tool?
Displays the IDPS
Shows Target ID
Displays Motherboard revision
Save your IDPS in IDPS.bin file

When the program starts you will see the typical intro screen, if you choose "Yes" you will see the data from your PS3, if sounds three beeps indicates that it was not possible dump and show the error message, and if all went well sounds a beep and you are able to see the data

Automatically saves the IDPS in dev_hdd0/IDPS.bin, you must open it with a hex editor and look hexadecimal values, for example (IDPS false, I will not reveal my IDPS):

e.g Notepad:

Hex Editor
00 00 00 01 00 85 00 05 87 15 A4 4D 47 64 F6 AA

The IDPS in this case would be:
00 00 00 01 00 85 00 05 87 15 A4 4D 47 64 F6 AA

It has been tested on PS3 FAT, in SLIM should work perfectly too

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