PS3 Uncharted 3 Working Journal/Freezing Fix on Custom Firmware 3.55 & 3.41

(1) Move PSARC.EXE + to \USRDIR\build\main\ of your UNCHARTED 3 GAME DATA folder (not the one included with this package)

(2) Extract ALL *.psarc's into the folder they are already in (\USRDIR\build\main\) on your HDD by dragging each .PSARC file onto PSARC.EXE (delete the .PSARC files after you have extracted them to folders)

When you're done it should look like this:


IMPORTANT: When you unpack bin.psarc it creates two folders - empty bin folder and one bindc1 folder with files. Rename folder bindc1 to dc1 and put it in the \main\bin\ folder so it looks like this: \main\bin\dc1\

(3) Now, merge included USRDIR folder with the existing one where you extracted your psarcs. OVERWRITE all files when prompted.

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