PS3 SwingBall 2 V0.2 Released

Quote (ThatOtherDev);
Here is an update to Swingball 2.

There is no Wii version this time but it is available for Windows now and I’ll probably have a Wii version posted soon or at the least there will definitely be one with the next update.

The built in level editor still isn’t done yet but if you want to try and make your own level you can easily do so by opening one of the pre existing level files with a text editor (all of the current levels where built using nothing but Notepad++). If you make something nice then post it.

- Added a level selection screen.
- Added several new simple levels.
- Added a blue motion trail behind the player and an explosion effect when you collect the white balls.
- Changed the way movement and jumping works when the direction of gravity has changed.
- Lots of other minor changes to movement speeds.
- Aiming controls have been completely redone for PS3.
- Made the camera move slightly in the direction you are aiming.
- Added a proper (though likely only temporary) graphic for the aiming reticule.
- Removed the in game on screen title text.
- Reaching the end of a level (or dieing) will send you back to the level selection screen.

Left analog stick=Move
Right analog stick=Aim

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