PS3 NPDRM Re-Enable Tool Released

Based off of gitbrew’s 215d8903bc86539ca1da53519e2ac10eeafc4c27 ps3tools. .git folder not included to protect senstive info about the author.


Add the files in the npdrm_keystuff folder to your ps3 keys folder.
Create a file with your console’s 16 byte IDPS in the ‘idps’ file in your ps3 keys folder (e.g. ~/.ps3/idps).
Copy your PS3′s exdata folder containing your act.dat and rif files to your ps3 keys dir (e.g. ~/.ps3/exdata/act.dat).
Compile and have fun with your LEGALLY purchased NPDRM games!
Also works on free games without exdata/idps.

Apologies for any existing bugs in unself. Adding these changes to unself2 is left as an exercise for the reader.

v2 info:

Added npdrm magic to unself2 and readself2
unself2 doesn’t like the metadata section with type 3 in my game.
This section looks to be some kind of linking information. Here is a snippet:

I haven’t yet looked around to see if this is type of section is documented anywhere.


fail0verflow for the orginal tools
JuanNadie for figuring out NPDRM
euss for his endless hours of work on the wiki

Why didn’t you beat me to the punch, Team PS360? I didn’t need to reverse a single instruction! It isn’t that hard…

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