PS3 Showtime Youtube HD Plugin V1.0 Released

Add: Trace messages are only shown if Debugging mode is enabled;
Add: Support for background (a simple image) in the feeds view
Add: Support for Channels Feeds
Add: basic error handling for feeds and videos;
Add: safeSearch
Add: Support to get arguments from a default URL (not used in present)
Fix: URL getting of a video in Advanced mode (was slowing down)
Fix: playlist support;
Fix: some feeds giving error 400; Added setting to limit entries per request (to avoid fast memory fullness);
Fix: Title labels of feeds
Fix: Paginator (was able to get only max two pages)
Fix: If is unable to get ID of a specific video in a feed bypass that item (instead of avoiding loading feed)
Fix: Issue avoiding loading Video Information (in advanced mode) when Views/Duration tag is not available
Fix: Login giving error “Authentication without realm”
Enhancement: Rewrite of User Screen (support more things now – Watch Later playlist and Recent Activity feed);
Enhancement: Major rewrite of the function to get entries of a feed (more powerful now and more stable);
Enhancement: In advanced mode display the resolution as it is (e.g.: hd1080)
Enhancement: New logo

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