PS3 Gitbrew NPDRM V1 Released

Quote (Gitbrew)
The get_idps.pkg file can be installed on your PS3. When run, it creates a file called ‘idps’ on the root of an attached USB drive. Copy this idps file to your PS3KEYS folder. Make sure that your PS3KEYS folder has the appldr NPDRM keys. One pair was included in mallory’s ps3tools release and more can be found at Keys Appldr FTP your PS3′s exdata folder to your PS3KEYS folder (e.g. ~/.ps3/exdata). Now the NPDRM modified ps3tools have all the keys they need to decrypt PSN games.
Copy a PSN title to your computer. Run with the PSN game’s folder and the output package names as arguments.

The resulting package can be installed on your PS3 and will play without any PSN licensing restrictions.

PSN titles that use encrypted data files (*.EDAT) will likely not work. outputs a warning if it detects a EDAT file in the PSN title. Work on decrypting EDAT files is underway.

All pkgs were tested with OtherOS++ MFW. Results are not guaranteed on other firmwares.

Please report any bugs to #otheros on gitbrew’s IRC.

juan nadie

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