PS3 webMAN v1.23 Released

- It is now possible to browse network locations (/net0 and /net1) from [Files] mode. You can browse the folders, download files and mount folders.
- It is possible to mount remote (and local) folders (as /dev_bdvd) by clicking the "<dir>" entry
- PSP Launcher is now present inside the "PLAYSTATION(R)PORTABLE" group for easy access (10x to @aldostools )
- Added option in [Setup]: [-] Disable PAD shortcuts (restart/shutdown/prev/next)
-  Mounting remote folders allows you to install package files directly from your PC, to mount any folder to be accessible in other applications (like Showtime), etc... After you click the <dir> entry you will be able to access your pkg files from the [* Install Package Files] entry in XMB. Also /dev_hdd0/packages is mounted as /app_home for easy access to local pkg files.

Download Here

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