PSVita TN-V5 eCFW Released

Today developer Total_Noob has released a new update to his eCFW build known as TN-V. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Added ‘Plugins installer’ to recovery menu (Plugins -> Plugins installer ->).
- Added option to hide non-working items in XMB (these items will be hidden: Character Set, UMD Auto-Start, USB Auto Connect, Format Memory Stick, Power Save Settings, Network Settings and Remote Play).
- Added option to hide the volume bar in the home menu.
- Fixed bug that made some ISO’s showing as corrupt.
- Fixed plugin loading crash.
- Fixed autorun feature (also corrected its filename in recovery menu).
- Fixed the sleep-timer in music player. It’s cool, because the Vita’s music player doesn’t have this feature.
- Improved ‘Install Addon’ feature. Kxploit’ed homebrews, aka 1.50 homebrews can now be installed correctly. ZIP’s which do not contain EBOOT.PBP don’t create corrupt icons anymore.
- Improved system stability. Hopefully there are no issues with FTP app and no blue screen of death anymore.
- Renamed ‘Hide CFW folders’ to ‘Allow anti-CFW games’. People who play DJMAX game should enable this.

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