PSVita Firmware 3.01 Exploitable Game Titles Released

Today developer Wololo over at has released some exciting news revealing the next up and coming exploitable games that will be fully functional with the upcoming release of TN V4. As always if you plan on getting TN V4 or want to run homebrew apps/games/emulators we suggest you download the games as soon as you can as Sony will pull them from the PSN Store quickly. Check out his statement given below.

Quote (Wololo):
Today we are announcing the name of an exploitable PSP game (actually 2 games, see below) that can be used to run TotalNoob’s TN-V4 on any Vita running firmware 3.01 or below.

As usual when we do such an announcement, we expect Sony to remove the game from the PSN store within hours of the announcement. So if you are interested in TN-V, grab the game now, not later today.

What is TN-V, and why do I need to buy a game for it?

TN-V is a PSP Custom firmware running within the PSP emulator of the Playstation Vita. Sounds complicated? To simplify, it lets you run PSP homebrews, PSP plugins, PSP isos on your Playstation Vita. In order to run, TN-V requires a hack, which is triggered through vulnerabilities in some official games. In order to be able to install and run TN-V on your 3.01 PS Vita, you will need to buy, download and install the game below. Although TN-V is free, the exploitable game costs money.

It goes without saying that we are not getting a dime on the money you pay for the game, so why do I need to give this precision? Well there’s a catch: TN-V has not been released yet, and I myself have never been given the opportunity to test it. So, you’re basically buying an exploitable psp game based on a promise I make in good faith, that trusted people have confirmed to me TN-V will run through this exploit. But really, this announce comes with no guarantee. That being said, it’s the 12th release or so we’ve made in a similar fashion over the past 18 months, so I’m confident. Here we go

Moving on…

There are actually 2 exploitable games announced today. One is for Japan, the other one is for other countries. Please note that recent information from some beta testers is that TN-V appears to be unstable on JP accounts, for some reason. I do not know how widespread the issue is, if it can be fixed, and if TN will fix it.

Here are the 2 exploitable games:

For JP: 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!バトルアリーナ2 スピリットバースト (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena2) (Best Collection) For other countries: EU/US, etc… : 101-in-1 megamix

Those are both PSP games, not vita games!

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