PS3 webMAN v1.21 Released

Today developer Dean K has released a new version of webMAN. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

- Fixed a bug which caused system lock (or no action) when user uses SELECT+L1/R1

I tested with my 80GB FAT PS3 and although everything was ok on the 160GB SLIM PS3 I could not get the SELECT+L1/R1 working. It turned out that the memory mapping for both consoles is different (may be a lot of other things are different, although it is just a PS3)... So my FAT PS3 would not react to SELECT+L1/R1 (causing memory faults).

Everything should be ok now and probably few other things got fixed in the way.

To use "SELECT+L1/R1" for scrolling last three games you must load at least three different games (via browser or from "My Games"). Otherwise nothing will happen when you hit the combo.

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